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Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai

Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai






Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai was born in April 1935.  He took his B. Sc Mathematics from Travancore University in 1954 and B.T (Teaching of Mathematics & English) from University of Kerala in 1959 and his masters degree MEd in Psychometrics from University of Kerala in 1961 and M.A Sociology (Social Welfare & Social Planning; Rural Sociology) from University of Kerala in 1968 and also M.A Politics (Indian Government &Politics, Political Parties &Public Opinion) from University of Kerala in 1971.  He took his PhD from the University of Kerala in Education on the topic “Education: Curriculum and Standards” in the year 1968 under the guidance of Prof. Dr. N. P. Pillai.  He also took A.I.E: In Non- Formal Education from the University of London in the year 1976. He also holds Diploma in German, Kerala University (1967) and Advanced Training in Adult Eduation, DVV, West Germany (1983).  He served as Director of the Centre for Adult Education & Extension also Director of the Population Education Resource Centre attached to the CACEE. He was also Reader in Education at the University of Kerala.

He started his career as Graduate Teacher in Secondary Schools – both   Private and Government from June1954 to April1963.  From May 1963 to July 1964 he was working as a Research Assistant (Education) in an NCERT Project “Factors affecting achievement of Pupils in Secondary Schools.”   He subsequently worked in the following institutions: August 1964 to Nov.1966: UGC Junior Research Fellow;

Nov. 1966 to August 1968: NCERT Senior Research Fellow in the “Co-Operative Test Development Project on Developing a verbal Group test of intelligence for children of the age group 7+ to 16+;

August 1968 to Nov.1975: Lecturer in Education at the University of Kerala – Teaching and guiding research at M. Ed and Ph. D levels; Extension work in the field of Adult Education and Literacy. 

From Nov. 1975 to Feb.1980  : Reader in Education at the University of Kerala – Teaching and Guiding research at M. Ed and Ph. D levels and Extension Work in the field of Non- Formal Education and Literacy ;

Feb. 1980 to May 1985: Co – ordinator & Head of the Centre for Adult Education & Extension. Training of functionaries- Evaluating outcomes, Guiding Researches, Preparing materials etc;

May 1985 to March 1995: Director of the Centre for Adult Education & Extension (also Director of the Population Education Resource Centre attached to the CACEE);

March 1998 onwards: Emeritus Professor/ Fellow of UGC, Working on Human Rights Education. 

He guided 22 Ph. D thesis during 1973 – 1993 (10 in Education and 12 in Non-formal, Adult Education).  In MEd level, he successfully guided 54 theses during 1968-1980 (of these 20 were on Adult & Non – formal Education) and in M.A level, he successfully guided 2 M.A Sociology theses and also in Post – Masters’ Diploma level he successfully guided 49 Research reports/ case studies during 1988 – 1995.  He has edited and published many books and periodicals in English and Malayalam for and on behalf of CACEE, PERC, KANFED, Literacy Forum, IAEWP etc.

He has held many responsible positions in professional bodies and also boards:

  1. Associate Secretary General of the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) and its Kerala State Chancellor.

  2. Founding Member of the Commonwealth Association for the Education and Training of Adults (CAETA).

  3. Vice President of the Indian Adult Education Association (IAEA), its South Zone Chairman and Kerala State Unit Chairman.

  4. Member of the Editorial Board of the Indian Journal of Adult Education (IJAE).

  5. Life Member of the Indian University Association for Continuing Education (IUACE).

  6. Life Member of the Indian Society for Community Education (ISCE) and its regional representative for South India.

  7. Representative of the International Congress of University Adult Educators (ICUAE) for India.

  8. President of the Institute for Peace Research & Studies (IPRS).

  9. President of the Literacy Forum, Trivandrum.

  10. Hon. Chief Editor of KANFED Newsletter.

  11. General Secretary of the Kerala Association for Non-formal Education and Development (KANFED).

  12. Examiner for Ph. D, M. Phil, M. Ed, M.A (Adult, Continuing, Non-formal Education), M.A (Extension Education), Post M.A, Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education of many Indian Universities.

  13. Member of the Board of Studies and faculty (Education PG) of many universities.

  14. Co- Editor of International Educator, a triannual education journal since 1983.

  15. Regional Co-ordinator of Studies for the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi.

  16. Member of the Indian delegation to the 5th World Conference of International Community Education Association held at Nairobi in July 1987.

  17. Fellow of the United Writer’s Association of India ( FUWAI)

  18. Consultant – Resource person of various agencies – Governmental, Autonomous and Voluntary – in regard to education, literacy, adult & continuing education, social work and community development.

  19. Life Member of the Council for Teacher Education and its Kerala State Centre Chairman.

  20. Life Member of the All India Association for Educational Research (AIAER).

  21. Chairman/Member of the Advisory Committee of many Educational journals / Institutions.

  22. Regular Resource Person at Academic Staff Colleges, Colleges of Teacher Education, University Departments etc.

  23. Member of the Task Force for formulating the State Council for Education, Research and Training in Kerala.

  24. Listed in Reference Asia on P. 488 (Vol. 4) and Asia’s who is who Vol.1 on P.582.

  25. Member of the Research Board of Governors of American Biographical Institute.

  26. Life Member of Indian Council for Research in Educational Media (ICREM).

  27. Chairman of the panel for selecting Best District / Co-ordinator / Project Officer of T.L.C., Kerala.

  28. Chairman of the National Institute of Continuing Education (NICE).

  29. Member of the Expert Committee constituted by the Government of Kerala to reformulate School Curriculum in the state.

  30. Life Member of the Acharyakulam.                             

  31. Life Member of the All India Committee for the Eradication of Illiteracy among women (AICEIW).

  32. MemberStateAdvisory Board for Education.

  33. Member of the Executive Committee ofKerala State Literacy Mission Authority andChairman of its Evaluation Sub Committee– Academic Director of the Equivalency Programme launched by the KSLMA.

  34. Chairmen of the Kerala State Centre of the Council for Teacher Education (CTE).

  35. Member Advisory committee of the International Conference on Life Long Learning and Social Development organized by the Loyola college of social sciences, Trivandrum, August 2002.

  36. Member of the Curriculum review committee appointed for revising the state syllabus.

  37. Chairmenof the committee for preparing draft state education policy.

 Special Features: 

  1. As a trainer of trainers, directed a number of training programmes for different levels of Adult Education functionaries including Project Officers, Principals as well as Programme Officers, Supervisors and Instructors of various agencies at the State and National levels.

  2. Launched many innovative Programmes in adult education which were appreciated and copied by many Universities, Voluntary Agencies and Government departments.

  3. Gave leadership in material production both for the teaching- learning process and for follow-up activities as well as in evaluating outcomes and studying the impact of the programme.

  4. Comments independently on educational issues through T.V, Radio, Periodicals and in many platforms.  Frequent contributor of articles, speeches etc.

  5. Organised the 38th All India Adult Education Conference at Trivandrum as its General Convener and secured the appreciation  of all concerned.

  6. Organised the National Conference of IAEWP on the theme ‘Relevance of Peace Education’ at Trivandrum during 1991.

  7. Gave technical support and leadership in educational matters, developmental programmes and welfare schemes, to a number of institutions and agencies.

  8. Through the UGC sponsored adult education programmes helped nearly 60000 persons become literate and conscientized.

  9. Organised ASPBAE sponsored programme on ‘Voluntary Agencies in Rural Development’, UNICEF sponsored ‘Rights of the child’ seminar, IUACE sponsored discussion on ‘Acharya Ramamurthi Committee’ report, ITFL sponsored seminar on ‘Approaches to Literacy’ etc.

  10. Actively engaged in social work giving leadership to many activist groups involved in progressive nation – building activities.

  11. Organised the ITFL sponsored Book Voyage scheme in Kerala (1990).

  12. Participated in the SARC year of the girl child seminar at New Delhi ( Nov.1989)

  13. Worked as Convenor of Conference papers of the fourth Asian Conference on Educational Technology (Dec.1989).

  14. Has adequate expertise, field experience, editorial calibre as well as clarity of expression in speech and writing in general and with special reference to education, social service and human resource development.

Awards Received

  • Nehru Literacy Award 1994.

  • Diploma of Honour of IAEWP 1994.

  • Fountain of Universal Peace Award – 1994.

  • Rotary Award – 1994.

  • Imperial Relations Trust Fellowship 1975.

  • Vidya Visarada 1976.

  • ASPBAE travel fellowship 1982.

  • UGC’s Emeritus Professor Fellowship 1998.

  • Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award – 2001.

  • Sardar Patel Literacy Award- 2000.

  • Sardar Patel International Award for Continuing Education- 2002

Research Projects

  1. UGC sponsored research project “Motivationaland facilitating factors as well as barriers in the implementation of Adult Education Programmes in Kerala, with special reference to SC/ST and Women.”  Directed the Project and published its report.

  2. DAE (Government of India) sponsored research study “Adult Education Programmes in Kerala – an evaluative study.”  Directed the project, Report Published.

  3. UGC sponsored individual project on “Needsand provisions for Non-formal Education in Kerala”.  Report Published. 

  4. Evaluation of AIR programmes “Light a Wick’, ‘For a better tomorrow’, ‘Mother and Child’ and TV programme ‘Oru Poo Viriyunnu’ as desired by the UNICEF. (Reports published.) 

  5. Evaluation of Adult Education Programmes in Kerala – Seven southern districts – Government of India, Ministry of HRD sponsored study.  Directed the project with 5 Research Fellows and Report published. 

  6. Completed a study on media efficiency at the instance of CPR, New Delhi. 

  7. Human Rights Education with special reference to Kerala – knowledge awareness/ attitude and practice/ perception, Modules are being prepared.  UGC financed Major research project in progress.

Research Papers, Articles, write- ups

Contributed more than 200 numbers in International Journals like Adult Education (London), Prospects (Paris), Adult Education and Development (Bonn), Literacy Work (Tehran), ASPBAE Courier (Canberra), ICUAE Bulletin (London) etc, National journals like Indian jounal of Adult Education (New Delhi), Prasar (Jaipur), Vevekananda Kendra Pathrika (Madras), Jounal of Edcational  Research & Extension (Coimbatore),The Mathematics Education  (Bihar), Rajasthan Board Journal of Education (Jaipur), Journal of Education (Bihar), Journal of Education & psychology (Baroda), Quest in Education (Bombay), Educational India (Machilipatnam), Himashiksha (Simla), Teacher Education (Allahabad), Progress of Education (Pune) etc,  “Hindu” Education page and state level journals like International Educator (Trivandrum), Studies in Education, Kerala Journal of Education, Southern Chronicle, Mastermind International and a number of souvenirs.  The articles in Malayalam published so far is number more than 400 in number. 

Book reviews:

Reviewed more than 75 books (both Malayalam &English) in leading periodicals and journals

Articles About/By The Teacher/Other Resources on the Teacher:

01.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, Non Formal Education for Agricultural Workers & Fishermen. A Case Study.    Download

02.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, Adult Education and Development, Number 60, 2003, published by dvv international Obere Wilhelmstraße 32, 53225 Bonn, Germany      Download PDF

03.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, "Quality Assurance in Eduacation", An Article in the Golden Jubilee Souvenir of Mar Theophilus Training College, Trivandrum. p.53-54    Download PDF

04.  Dr. K. S. Pillai, Educational Psychology, ed.1989   Download PDF

05.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, The Question of Standards - an opinion survey, Kerala Journal of Education, Vol. I, No. 1, March 1969. p.6-11  Download PDF

06.  Business Meeting Reports of FERSK (Forum for Educational Research and Studies, Kerala) founded in 1963 for which Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai was office bearer in many capacities for years.  Download  Report during 1970s

07.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, “From a Teacher to a Social Engineer”: The miracle of teaching   Download PDF

08.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, Curriculum and Standards, International Educator, Vol. 19 No.2., December 2007   Download PDF

09.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, Measurement and Evaluation in Education (1967)

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24.  Dr. K. Sivadasan Pillai, Education for All and For Ever (1998)